Las Vegas Personal Injury, Criminal Defense and Bankruptcy Lawyers: Defending Victims of Auto Accidents, Those with Financial Problems, and Those Accused of Drug Crimes, DUI, and Domestic Violence

We know you are here because you are looking for the best Las Vegas attorneys out there; lawyers that have the experience, knowledge and integrity to get you the best results in your case possible. We’re positive you will find exactly what you are looking for here.

The City of Las Vegas and the surrounding Clark County communities are home to over two million permanent residents, with the amount of visitors reaching nearly forty million annually. With the city’s world-renowned nightlife attracting people from all corners of the country and the world, there are bound to be conflicts and misunderstandings that cause residents and tourists alike to seek legal counsel.

The Hawkins, Boley & AlDabbagh Law Firm is experienced in bankruptcy, personal injury and criminal defense cases. Whether you’re facing foreclosure of your Las Vegas home or garnishment, you’ve been injured in an auto accident in Henderson or a Summerlin slip and fall incident, our Nevada personal injury lawyers offer aggressive representation and supportive guidance to get you the compensation and peace of mind that you deserve.

If you have been charged with a Clark County DUI, drug offense, or battery domestic violence, you need to hire an experienced Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Attorneys Richard E. Hawkins, Thomas D. Boley and Joshua AlDabbagh offer tough defense tailored to your needs. Whether your case ends in a trial or settlement, you can feel confident knowing that the Hawkins, Boley & AlDabbagh Law Firm will fight tirelessly to earn you the most favorable results possible.

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When You Need a Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney

In our daily lives, we depend on the people around us to act responsibly. Whether these people are providing a service or simply participating in the world around them, their decisions affect more than just themselves. A doctor performing a routine surgery and the people sharing the roads with you have a responsibility to you to follow all reasonable rules and standards—but what happens if someone neglects this responsibility, even just once?

Many slip-ups go unnoticed by anyone, but unfortunately, people often get hurt due to others’ negligence:

  • Auto Accidents: Cars, trucks, and motorcycles are fast and dangerous machines that share the road not only with each other, but also with bicycles and pedestrians. If you’ve been the victim of a Las Vegas car accident caused by another driver’s negligence, you may be entitled to significant compensation.
  • Slip and Falls and Premises Liability: Whether you’re walking down a public sidewalk or into a place of business such as a hotel or store, you deserve to be safe. If you slip on an unmarked wet floor and become injured, or suffer another injury due to the premise owner’s negligence, you could receive compensation for your medical bills and more.
  • Dog Bites: Certain large breed dogs, such as pit bulls, are known to be aggressive and violent, and their owners are required to exercise a high level of care to ensure that their dog does not attack and injure another person. Other times, if an owner knows that a particular dog has attacked someone in the past, they are going to be resonsible for any future attacks.

When you’re injured, you have more than just medical bills to worry about—you also have household expenses and your job at risk, too. If you’ve been injured in Las Vegas or Clark County due to somebody else’s negligence, call The Hawkins, Boley & AlDabbagh Law Firm at 702.435.333 for a free consultation today.

Criminal Defense: Make Your Side of the Story Heard

Just because you’ve been charged with a criminal offense does not mean that you no longer have the right to defend or explain what happened. Every day, people are charged with offenses like:

Whether you’ve just been arrest or are preparing for your court date, the sooner you can hire a criminal defense lawyer, the better. The Hawkins, Boley & AlDabbagh Law Firm employs a hands-on approach to your defense, ensuring that you are involved and informed as your case progresses.

You may be lead to believe that being charged with a criminal offense is a hopeless, “black and white” situation. The truth is, with our carefully analyzed approach to defense, you can see superior results in a trial or plea bargain.

Bankruptcy: When Debt is Out of Control

Even though the debt was not a burden when you took it, it can get out of control. A month or two without income? Changes in credit card terms? Or that “teaser rate” that the mortgage broker assured you would be find just ended and now you have a payment more than you take home in a month. There are a full range of remedies, including Chapter 7, 11, and 13 bankruptcy, short sales, mortgage modification, and debt negotiation. Some are fast, while others take time. If you’re overwhelmed by debt, though, these Las Vegas attorneys can find the relief that’s right for you.

Whether you’re one payment or two years behind on your mortgage, whether you just received the first collection or have already been sued, whether you have $10,000 in debt or $10,000,000, the sooner you can hire an experienced bankruptcy attorney, the better. The Hawkins, Boley & AlDabbagh Law Firm employs a hands-on approach to every matter, with actual attorney contact and advise at all stages.

You may be lead to believe you are “not eligible” for bankruptcy. You may even have been told this by another attorney. Experience in all forms of bankruptcy and related areas, though, means that the Hawkins, Boley & AlDabbagh Law Firm can find the best solution for you.

The Hawkins, Boley & AlDabbagh Law Firm: Call Today

With our extended hours and flexible schedule, we are here for you when you need us most. Don’t let a mistake—yours or someone else’s—ruin your life. Call us today at 702-435-3333 for a free consultation.

Nevada Crimes

Are you looking for the best criminal defense lawyer? The Hawkins, Boley & AlDabbagh Law Firm represents those accused of committing ANY crimes in Southern Nevada. The Nevada Revised Statutes specifically address a wide range of criminal activity, including defining what those crimes are and creating a range of punishment applicable to those who commit them.


We are an immigration law firm located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We can help you understand the complicated immigration process, and will carefully explain is required for you to obtain a visa, permanent residency, or citizenship. Every case is unique, and we will work with you to obtain the most reliable and quickest results we possibly can.

If you are trying to immigrate to the United States by relocating to Las Vegas in order to obtain employment, reunite with family, get married, or any other reason, we will work with you to make that a reality. We can even defend a loved one with an ICE hold in deportation and bail proceedings.

Some examples of immigration matters that our attorneys will handle are:

Obtaining Marriage Visas, Employment Visas, and Fiancé Visas; Immigrant Investor Program; Immigration Petitions; Naturalization; Applying for Citizenship; Change / Adjustment of legal status; Obtaining Asylum / Refugee Status; and more.


Our goal is to help you and your family navigate the confusing immigration laws of the United States. If you have an immigration matter and need the assistance of a knowledgeable, experienced attorney, you found the right law firm. Call Hawkins, Boley & AlDabbagh today and schedule your free consultation.


Are you looking for the best bankruptcy lawyer in Las Vegas? A lot of Nevada lawyers advertise that they practice bankruptcy, but many only know how to do Chapter 7 filings.

The Hawkins, Boley & AlDabbagh Law Firm practices Consumer and Business Bankruptcy law in Southern Nevada, representing clients in simple Chapter 7 proceedings as well as the more complex Chapter 13 and even Chapter 11 bankruptcy codes. It is important to have a bankruptcy attorney who is knowledgeable in every type of bankruptcy look over your case, as a Chapter 13 or 11 filing might be more beneficial for your than a Chapter 7.

Unlike other bankruptcy lawyers in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas, Hawkins Boley & AlDabbagh guarantees that a licensed attorney will be involved in ALL stages of the case, from the initial bankruptcy consultation all the way through the close of the bankruptcy case. You can rest assured that a knowledgable and professional lawyer will be preparing your documents for filing with the bankruptcy court, not just an unlicensed paralegal.

Domestic Violence

Every day, innocent people are wrongly jailed on Battery Domestic Violence charges. Nevada’s strict laws demand swift response and action to these calls, but because evidence at the scene does not always paint a complete picture, someone may be wrongly charged. Acting in self-defense, self-inflicted injuries, or just plain accidents are hard to discern in the heat of the moment, and without a strong defense team, you could face significant fines and jail time.

This page contains more information about Nevada Battery Domestic Violence charges, defenses, and our own criminal defense services

Drug Crimes

Home to the best casinos, bars, and nightlife in the world, Las Vegas attracts millions of visitors each year. While most people leave a few dollars shorter than they arrived, many find themselves facing more serious problems—drug charges.

While Sin City may seem like fun and games from the outside, drug offenses are taken very seriously. If you’ve been charged with drug offenses—including possession, driving under the influence of drugs, or trafficking—you’ll need a good criminal defense attorney. Visit this page to learn more.

Personal Injury

If you have suffered injuries due to someone else’s negligence, you are entitled to compensation from the insurance companies. This compensation covers your medical bills and other expenses that resulted from your accident, but sometimes the insurance companies won’t pay up and you need a lawyer. If you were injured in Clark County or the Las Vegas area—even as a visitor—you will need a Nevada lawyer to represent your case in court. Click here to read more about what sets our services apart from our competitors.


If you’ve been arrested for DUI in Clark County or southern Nevada, including Las Vegas, you need a tough and experienced lawyer to fight for your rights. Our client-centered approach puts you and your rights first, custom-tailoring your defense for your case. To read more about our DUI defense services, visit this page.

Traffic Tickets

Hiring an attorney to represent you on a traffic ticket might seem like overkill, but its actually the smartest way to handle your ticket. In most cases, you will save far more money through the attorney’s results than you will have spent hiring the attorney, and all without having to go to court.

The Clark County lawyers at Hawkins, Boley & AlDabbagh charge a flat fee per traffic violation; only $39!